Inspired by the amazing blog by Imelda Graham we have decided to give this a try. 


It is about looking after ourselves.  We all give so much to our jobs everyday that it can be very easy to let looking after ones self slide.  So we have borrowed the inicitive #10%Braver from WomenEd on Twitter to try spur us all  on to do something different.


We are asking you to join us in being 10% braver. 


This could be anything.  It could be something you have always wanted to do or something you thought you'd never do.  You can do it alone, with friends or family, it is entirly up to you!


We can use this area of the website for two purposes.  

1. To declare your 10% Braver mission

2. To share stories/photos of your adventures that will help spur us all on. 


The idea is, by commiting to 10% it is not too big of a change in our routines.  However, if you want to go bigger then please do and keep us up to date with photos, blogs. videos, or anything elese you can imagine.  


You can send your pledges, stories, photos etc to David at

My attempt at being 10% Braver. By David King

My 10% braver goals are simple. That’s the point though isn’t it? To make some simple changes to our lives that will have benefits to our mental health.  


We work in a profession that’s intense. We are under pressure from many different angles. It’s a though gig. We get so caught up in the well-being of the children we care for that often we let our own wellbeing slide and this is where the MECPI 10% braver project comes in.  


My personal project was to get back running and reading. I used to do both a lot but over the past year I have let both slide, always telling myself I am too busy for such activities.  


As I said above, I kept it simple. I set the target of being back to running 10km by Christmas and also to read 2 books in the same timeframe. Books that weren’t written by Julia Donaldson that is!  


So, with 15 weeks until Christmas (sorry) I figured now would be a good time to start recording my journey.  


I’ll start with the running side of things. I had not been for a run in a long time, I knew that, however I was genuinely shocked when I checked my running app and copped that it had been 6 months since I last ran. 6 months!!  

That was enough for me to shame myself into getting my running gear on and getting out the door.  

Those of you who run will know, the hardest part sometimes is just getting out the door.  


So, one humid, breathless evening last week I went out to see how it felt. It started off well. I found a rhythm but after .5 of a mile I found myself having to stop and walk. “I knew I’d have to ease back into it but this is ridiculous” I said to myself. I walked briskly for about 1 minute until I had my breathing under control and started to run again.  


This was the pattern that would continue for the rest of the run/walk until I had reached 3 miles(5km). I wasn’t too happy at having to walk so much but I was happy to have completed my first attempt in 6 months.  


3 days later I went out again. This time covering the same distance but I only had to walk twice. My fitness and determination were coming back slowly.  

So that’s as far as I’ve come with my runs but it’s a good start.  


As for the reading, finding that a bit harder to find the time for. With 3 children at home it’s a Busy Busy Busy house. I have at least picked a book to start, hopefully by my next update I have stared it.   



First run

if only I could be as fast as the dot